This page provides information about upcoming and past speaking engagements and conferences.


  • TBD


  • France 24 (30 November 2021). Interviewed for the topic: ‘France celebrates the legacy of the American-born artist,’ in regard to the Panthéonization of Joséphine Baker.
  • “Faces of War” International Conference: London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (March 20-21, 2021). Presented the paper ‘Sweethearts and Scandals: Wartime Depictions of Patriotism and Femininity in the Case of Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields.’
  • Studying Herstories: Women’s History Network Online Student Conference (March 8, 2021). Presented the paper ‘The Wartime Chanteuse: Investigating the Women Who Sang for the French Resistance, 1940-1944.
  • CBC Radio’s the Sunday Edition (March 6, 2020). Presented work on the Green Conflict Minerals IISD report, ‘The social and environmental costs of mining for green energy.’
  • Turning Down the Heat: Mining Watch Canada (November 14-15, 2019). Presented the report ‘Green Conflict Minerals: The fuels of conflict in the transition to a low-carbon economy.’